A good Graphic card for my system

My old ATI 5770 has just died and I want a new video card to replace it. After some research I've come to some possibilities:

GTX 560 Ti - US$ 380.00
HD 6870 - US$ 360.00
HD 5850 - US$ 275.00
HD 5870 - US$ 360.00
HD 6950 - US$ 400.00

I'm not sure on which card to choose. My main use will be games (MMo's, RPGs, RTS, FPS).

My rig:

Corsair 450 VX
Phenom II x4 955
4 GB Corsair RAM (can't remember model, sorry)
I'll be playing with a 23" monitor (1920x1080 resolution)

So which of this cards should be the best buy? The 6950 is a bit to expensive to me right now, but if the performance difference is big I could get the extra money and buy one of them. Otherwise which other (non 6950) should be a nice buy?

I now thet there are better prices at newegg or other sites but I'm not in north america, so unfortunately these are the prices at my country.
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  1. For the price the HD5850!
  2. With a 1920x1080 monitor you want all the power you can get. A GTX 560 Ti would be a great option if a 6950 is just out of budget. The 6850 is a great option as well.
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