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When i try using CloneCD, it takes an incredibly ling time to get 2% of the iso made (25 minutes).... Yet i used a really old cd (VB 5, no protection on it) in PLextor DiscDupe2000, and it finished in like 5 minutes. What's wrong? Is it clondecd?
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  1. CloneCD does not read the data like any other program, it reads every separate bit of the CD, it nearly copies the scratches on the CD.

    Sometimes, depending on the brand of the CD or CDRW drive, it will take longer to read the bits. Longer means a really huge amount of time.

    It is very likely that CloneCD will be faster if you read the CD using the burner.

    I recommend you to use CloneCD when you want to make "backup" copies of copy protected CDs, in that case it is worth waiting.

  2. Yep... I'd have to agree with every word of that.
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