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Lately I've been getting Japanese kana (I think) substituted for english characters in some song titles in Windows Media Player, Nero, and PowerToGo CD ripping software. It seems the computer thinks I want Japanese, where available, for the extended info it gets for music CD's. So if I put in a CD to rip, say, Mozart's Magic Flute opera, the London Records Solti/Vienna Phil version, WMP will show track info in kana characters, like this: クリスティーナ・ドイテコム, or somethine kanji, like this: ウィーン国立歌劇場合唱団. I can't seem to figure out why it's doing this.

Also, lately WMP library has begun substituting other cover art for various albums, so one particular album cover photo appears on lots of unrelated albums. Don't know if that's related, but WMP seems to be a POS.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm out of 'em.

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  1. Hi Niocd

    I'm having exactly the same problem with WMP - all track listings on CD's I'm trying to rip for my MP3 player are appearing in Kana/Kanto.

    I've double checked all my language settings and all seems okay - and I've never had this problem before with about 100 plus cd's I've ripped.

    If you've found a fix - it would be great to hear from you...

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