Cheapest GPU I can get by with to play MW3

I was wondering what the cheapest GPU I can get so I can play MW3 with decent settings enabled. I have:

Intel Core 2 Quad CPU
6gb of RAM
Win 7 x64
32'' Samsung 1080P TV
450W power supply

Currently running of MB for graphics as my old GPU went out.

Thanks for your time and input.
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  1. What brand/model is your power supply?
  2. I'm using a Gigabyte GTX460 1Gb OC and it works pretty good.
  3. gmcizzle said:
    What brand/model is your power supply?

    Its a Dynex from Best Buy which I know isnt the greatest
  4. I was trying to keep it under $100 if thats even possible, I'm looking on ebay for used ones right meow. But I've been out of the game for a little while now and am not sure whats good. I used to work at Geek Squad when I was in school
  5. I would go with a 6770, which is a little over $100:

    Great price/performance, should run MW3 pretty well.
    Little more than $100 - not bad though.
  7. Thanks Guys, I'll check them out
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