Ati 5850 qfan control problem

I'm currently having fan problems with my xfx 5850. Basically whenever qfan control is enabled when playing games. The fan pitch's speed is completely erratic and random itll speed up and slow down constantly with no set pattern. Enabling overdrive sorts it with manual fan control but the card runs to hot, is there anyway this can be fixed or will i need to rma the card? Never had problems with qfan control before. Also disabling it works but then the fans are super loud and annoying. When it is enabled it actually sounds that the card is struggling to get power either that or it being constantly down and upclocked whilst playing a game and the fan will adjust speed to suit, its so annoying.

I tried messing around with all of the power options and all options available in the bios but as yet have failed to find a solution. The only other thing i can think of is to downgrade my motherboard bios. My old 4870 was quieter than this thing with qfan control disabled.
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