Help please! Been searching everywhere!

Hello, I'm jamel, i'm currently low on Money got about 80 dollars, been searching for a new CPU.
Here is the motherboard i currently have have the MSI MS-7525

The website says it supports the e7000 series, but i can't find anything online that sells e700 cpu's, I found this great deal that matches my budget which is $80 dollars, I was wondering if my motherboard can handle this CPU
The E6600 wolfdale, I don't know what i'm doing and i don't wanna order this piece without knowing what im doing.

Please help em out.
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  1. The page you linked us shows this,
    Processor upgrade information tab
    Socket type: 775
    Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades:
    •Core 2 Duo E7xxx (Wolfdale-M)
    •Core 2 Duo E4x00 (Conroe)
    •Pentium E2xxx series (Conroe)
    •Celeron Dual Core E1xx0 series (Conroe)
    •Celeron 4xx series (Conroe)

    I think you'll be just fine there, remember to update your bios before instaling the new chip though
  2. How do i update my bios?
  3. Manufacturers websites have the uptodate bios file

    theres an instruction guide, second tab

    if you have Cpu-z (or if not Download it) the motherboard tab will tell you your current bios version, if the one I linked is a higher number (I.e. newer) then proceed, if its the same or lower, don't bother
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