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Hello Tom's,
I just completed piecing together my new build. It is an i2500k on a Asus P8Z68 Pro-V/Gen 3 MOBO. I have 8 GBs of Patriot ram in slots 2 and 4, 1 optical drive, a Crucial M4 and WB Caviar blue all powered by an XFX 750W PSU. I am waiting for my 7970 to come in the mail today. My problem is whenever I run a game, or a stress test (Intel Burn Test, Prime 95) my computer freezes to this screen forcing me to manually reboot.

I used Memtest86 to see if my RAM was alright, and it found no errors, even when I tested them separately. I am starting to think that memory slot 4 may be faulty. What do you guys think? I really don't want to RMA my mobo and wait a week or two.
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  1. What case is this in?

    any overclocking?

    what cpu cooler do you have?

    What are your temps like when running stress tests?

    Do you have all updates for the system?

    Honestly, the only time I have seen a screen like that was from a dying graphics card. Maybe there is an issue with your onboard graphics chipset. EDIT: <---Just a guess
  2. Case is a Corsair 500r. Hyper 212+ evo cooler. I updated my system. I just ran intel burn test monitoring temps with real temp. I switched the ram to slots 1 and 3. I was able to get through a standard burn, but on maximum I got max temps of 70-73 and reproduced what happened. Is this normal? I think I'm going to reapply the thermal paste. I may have to just RMA the motherboard.
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