Why skyrim better in windowed mode

i bought skyrim for the pc and noticed it lags a little in full screen but seems to look quicker and smoother in windowed mode is there a reason for this and a way to fix is my pc to slow for the game my pc specs are

i7 920 not overclocked
64gb ssd drive
1tb samsung spinpoint
6gb ram
gigabyte killer motherboard
sapphirre 6870 vaporx
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  1. Look into overclocking your i7 920, it's crying out to you to overclock it, believe me. Get a good CPU cooler though if you are using the stock one before doing so.
  2. will this stop lagging in my games tho
  3. Skyrim is having framerate dropping issues. New driver from amd out soon.

    Until then, drop shadow detail and draw distance. That should give you a boost.

    And as gmcizzle says : overclock that card.

    EDIT : You say game (s) do you mean other than Skyrim?
  4. tried overclocking cpu to 3.00ghz temps aint that good core0 42 core1 40 core2 40 core3 36
  5. As long as temps are 70c or below you are perfectly safe even at voltages of 1.5v or less. If you stay at 1.37v or less, you are perfectly fine below 80c.
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