Consistently High Memory Usage

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I'm new to computers, but I'm running Windows 8 64-bit with 12gb of RAM and am constantly using about 7.5gb at a time, just running a web browser and software like Adobe Reader. Can someone help me understand this?
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  1. Do a virus scan on your system to ensure you don't have any RAM-consuming viruses. I would suggest you use Malware Bytes. It is completely free and you can download it here:
  2. I'm pretty confident that's not the problem, but I scanned with both Avast! and Malwarebytes: the results are negative.

    Any additional ideas? Does this look about right or is the 60+% memory usage definitely weird?
  3. Anyone? ):
  4. there must be more to that list because the numbers don't add up to 62% of your ram. there must be a program using much more ram
  5. The OS is probably just caching processes in memory just because you have so much available. Pull out a stick of ram and I'll bet that your system will show less being used.
  6. First of all, What is your currently system specs?
  7. My system only puts about 20% of the total ram on cache. 60% sounds like its too much.
  8. How about a screenshot of the Performance>Memory tab?
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