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My old pc failed but the hard drive is still good. All my apps are on the old hard drive and I do not have all the installation disc from 2-3 yrs ago. The OS is vista ultimate on the old hard drive. I bought a new hp i5 computer which I swaped the drives out (took the new out and installed the old) but the computer crashes at bootup and goes to blue screen flashing for a second and over and over again. What can I do to keep my old hard drive on a new computer ? Please help
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  1. My computer crashes when I try to use my old hard drive on a new i5 windows 7 computer, the old hard drive has vista on it and I need it to run apps, so I tried swaping out the drives but the old hard drive crashes at bios. Please help.
  2. U cannot just switch drive with OS and expect it run in another PC.
  3. Hi :)

    Its crashing because the wrong hardware drivers are on your old hard wont be able to boot from it...

    You need to install the new drive , then connect the old drive in as a secondary to get your data off it...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Please refrain from posting multiple topics for the same issue.

    What you are doing will not work. You cannot just plug and play with an old HDD like that. The old HDD is set up for a different computer with different drivers. The only way I know of is to run startup repair.

    Honestly without the installation disc, I don't think you can do it period though.
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    Swaping out old hard drive to new i5 machine
  7. Sorry didn't mean to multiple post. Anway what if I upgaded to windows 7 on the old hard drive (so no more vista). Now if I swap the old hard drive to the new i5 computer, will it work since it now has win 7 on it ?
    Win 7 should have all the new drives since it is for new hardware enviornment ?
  8. since you have the data on the drive, just reinstall your apps and move the data from the old drive to the new, then after you have kept all the data you need, format the old drive and use it for whatever purpose you want it for.
    Generally, when you install an operating system, it embeds all your basic components of your motherboard in the registry and driver database. In short each operating system setup is tied up to the motherboard.
  9. I agree with you, however it is not so simple, in my case I have an app (a customized medical billing program) that has been tweaked and updated so many times, I am afraid the install CD won't be enough. That is why I just wanted to swap the hard drive on the new computer since the old pc failed, but now all the new computer have a whole new architecture and older versions of window (my case the crappy old vista) crashes at startup when you try to swap it to a new computer. So I though maybe if I did an in place upgrade to Win 7 on the old hard drive and then swap it, it will see the new hardware and install the drivers....what do you think ? :o
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    well, install the app as it is from cd on your main drive, then just copy all of the files from the directory it was installed on the other disk and overwrite the ones of the new installation. It should work smoothly.
    If the data on that drive is so important to you, make sure you copy and not move or cut, just to be on the safe side.
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