Computer wont reboot

I made a mistake. In bios, i disabled 'marvell IDE controller' and 'marvell Gbe LAN'. What I wanted to do was to disable the built in network card, which makes my choice to disable 'marvell IDE controller' really stupid.

My computer wont start windows 7 any more even though I've enabled the choices back. I have tried to restore the bios settings to default. Nothing works, just a blank screen. no beeps or anything.

The only thing that happens when I reboot is that it lists the harddrives, and then nothing.

I guess that it is the motherboard that is fried, but is it even possible to fry something only by changing in bios? well, apparently..

that do you think I should do?
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  1. try bios flashback check you M/B instuction book. also try unpluging cord from wall also hold down the power button on case to discharge any more power from the M/B and take out the battery for 5 min see if that restores bios settings
  2. Or u can take chips out wait a few put them back in go into your cmd notepad back track to where u were before u made the mistake prompt it to run from there and there ha go chckdsk\bios\log.exe correct from there
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