Bsod and freezing up! HELP!!

over the weekend my pc developed an illness :fou:
it keeps BSODing, it keeps happening when i open iTunes.
and now it has another problem, it will open games just fine and go through the game menu but the display disappears when the actual game completes loading to the point where i would normally be able to shoot things.
I've updated the drivers and now when it freezes, i get a full screen of nice colours, but i can hear the game, i.e. can still fire the gun and walk.
im wondering weather the GPU is dying?
i have run a RAM test for 4 and a half hours and it passed everything...

i have:
9550 amd
crosshair 1 motherboard
4GB Kingston ram
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  1. It's possible the GPU is dying. Do you have onboard video or another card you can try?
  2. :( unfortunately not, i was running sli but gpu2 died couple of months ago and i recently sold my older stuff.
    are there any test programs which can find errors?
    i also ran furmark today to see what happens and it BSOD almost instantly, last temp reading was 77C and was climbing rapidly.
  3. Running at stock core and memory clocks? What temp does it idle at?
  4. running stock clocks and voltage (both were over clocked for a year).
    it idles around the 72 mark, fur mark was only running for 5 secs until freeze up.
  5. 72 CELSIUS? That is incredibly hot for an idle temperature. I would not be surprised at all if it overheated instantly when you try to run something intensive.
  6. hmmm, the max temp is apparently 105c :/
    i have just remembered i have a spare mb and cpu and ram, so i might try those tomorrow....
  7. Well using a spare mb/cpu/ram won't fix the heat issue. You probably want to reseat the heatsink on the GPU. Remove the heatsink from the CPU, clean off the old thermal paste from heatsink and GPU, and re-apply fresh thermal paste, which you need to buy unless you have some lying around.
  8. just to tidy this thread up, it turns out my PSU was dying as it blew up shortly after this.
    it must have just been a power issue (it couldn't supply the power when needed)
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