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The monitor, mouse and keyboard turned off


So I was plugging in my usb charger for my phone. when I plugged it in there was a slight electrical discharge (I have been getting shocked all day...cold dry weather) and the screen turned off or atleast it wasn't recognizing any devices being connected to it. the keyboard and mouse died.....I turned it off then turned it back on and everything is running. should I be concerned/ what happened in terms of the computer shutting down

Thanks in advance
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    I wouldn't be concerned unless things start to go haywire/not working right. If things are working fine, then I think you might have been pretty lucky. Static discharge can and will damage computer components.

    Other option is your PSU is going out and couldn't handle the extra power it suddenly needed to handle your phone.

    Or you just accidently hit the power button. *shrug*
  2. Winter, dry air and carpet = static electricity. If you touch the case metal while holding the mp3 player this shouldn't happen again. Case should be grounded.

    Just for grins, I'd check the ground on the wall socket. There are a thousand ways to do that, one is to spend $10 on a surge protector that has warning lights for bad ground like this one. (I pciked one at random, this may not be a good one, but you can see what I mean)

    Agree with Phyco that this is 99+% not a problem.
  3. Thank you
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