Video cards and mail in rebates - why so common?

When browsing Newegg for most any other component outside video cards, there aren't much in the way of mail-in rebates available. However, when looking at video cards, it seems that almost every one of them has a mail-in-rebate available. My question is simple: why? Video cards also seem to come with free games as well, whereas other hardware components otherwise don't have anything that come with them.
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  1. Getting ready for the new stuff, I guess they are going to get rid of their inventory. But there are rebates on everything else, mobo ram etc.
  2. I see it with video cards far more than any other hardware. I see this with old and new cards alike. Motherboards, RAM, CPUs, HDDs, PSUs, monitors, input devices, and other such hardware rarely seem to have these freebies or rebates. They do, yes, but it's far less common than GPUs.

    Note: I'm referring to Newegg.
  3. As an incentive to buy a GPU. Most rebates are like just a tease though, it sounds like great savings, but in reality you never actually get your rebate, or you have to wait so long you forget about it.
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    I guess coz the GPU is the most commonly changed part in a PC. Other than some small stuff. Most people stick with a processor RAM motherboard for much longer than GPU. Frankly chips are so advanced these days that they can do well in games for the next 3 years at least. And since gaming is mostly dependent on GPU, people upgrade to the next best thing pretty quick!
  5. In Holland there are no rebates or whatever on nothing.
  6. Yeah same here in Australia.
  7. In India too. On top of that higher prices and lower warranty!

    Here buying a PC is more or less a 5 year plan. Get one now and stick with it for 5 years, good or bad!
  8. We pay so much more here for everything , it annoys me when I look at what they go for on newegg.
  9. Yeah, I heard you guys have to pay over $100 USD for many new games, ouch.
  10. Yep, USA is very cheap ; i pay something like 30 - 60 dollar more and have also less warrenty.
    Maybe because of lower tax rates or bigger market. Anyway ; NOT FAIR !
  11. Something which sells for $50 on newegg. Goes for something around $80 here. GTX580 is something around $500 in US. For me it is around $620!
  12. Value(lol) Added Tax probably has something to do with it. We don't have VAT in the US...yet.
  13. Obama ; do your job, VAT them ! :lol:
  14. Yup we pay 100 USD for a game!
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  16. The video card is probably my least updated component. Then again, I don't play games much so that likely has a strong effect. I do just fine on a 7600 GT... until I start getting into HD video playback. Thanks for the answers though.
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