Just built my new computer, CRASHING

I just built my new computer...

AMD FX-6100 x6 @3.3GHz
Asus m5a88-v evo
Radeon HD 6850
1TB seagate HDD
450 watt PSU
8gb (2x4gb) Ram

And it randomly crashes whenever i'm playing games on it, but has yet to crash while on the internet. I got a free Dirt3 game with my gpu, and when i'm playing it, the computer crashes. When i'm playing WoW it doesn't happen as much, but mainly happens during boss fights.
I've updated all my drivers and the crashes still occur. One time after it crashed and i started it back up, it told me a power surge appeared. Anyone know how to stop it from crashing? Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. What brand and model is the power supply. Also how old is it?
  2. You could download and run GPU-Z to check your 6850 temps. What brand is your PSU? AMD recommends a 500 W for that card.
  3. if you got power surge get a new psu as soon you can before having more thing to change check this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voltage_spike
  4. The new FX series takes a lot of energy, I'd guess it would be your PSU like the others have been saying. I could recommend one. XFX 550W
  5. The set up does appear to be potentially under-powered. A stronger PSU may be the solution. 550 Watts should be good.
  6. It's a thermaltake 450, brand new. I'm also checking my temps with CPUID HWMonitor, and my GPU hasn't gone over 56c.
  7. even if the psu is brand new the max you got is 38 amp on 12v. and amd ask for a 500 watts just for the card so you do not have enough power for the other components
  8. Yea just bought a 600w Rosewill PSU
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