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My current rig is an x58 motherboard, i7 960 3.2, 12 gigs of 1600 ram, and a gtx 580. I am wondering what upgrades would be required, if possible on this motherboard, to achieve 3 27" monitors with 3D. I know two more gtx 580 would handle the monitors, but would my cpu or ram bottleneck a game like Metro 2033 on max settings?
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  1. If you're going to splurge on a 3D Vision Surround setup with 3x GTX 580's I would probably look into upgrading your entire platform. The 960 is still a respectable CPU, but with that kind of setup it would be chugging along. If you have no budget limit, I would really look into the new X79 SBE chips that just came out the other day. The review of the $1000 extreme CPU showed that it really allowed a big GPU setup to stretch its legs, much more so than an X58 setup and even more so than a SB setup.
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