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So yesterday when i was playin wow my pc just shut off, then a little later that nigh the screen went black but the light on the pc stayed on and the cpu fan started spinnin real fast and gettin loud. so im assunim it may be a heat problem cause i only have the one heatsink. so i was thinkin bout gettin a new cpu fan and case fan, but i dont know how to tell what sizes i need. so if anyone can tell me out to figure it out or if u think my problem is somethin else ur help would be much appreciated
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  1. It might be a power supply issue. You can test your power supply by doing the following.

    You can measure the fan size by measuring one hole to another. Most likely it's a 120mm fan. You can check out a variety of fans from the link below.
  2. You can also measure gpu and cpu temperatures using the software called PCwizard. If the cpu cores are going over 70c, or your pgu heat is over 90c, then you have a problem. If not, and this is just a one or two time deal with no adverse affects you can see, then there's probably nothing wrong here.
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