Help setting up Win 8 64 on SSD and HDD on P9x79 Deluxe

I am building a computer using the Asus P9X79 DELUXE MOBO and I am about to install Win8 64 on a Samsung 256GB Pro Series SSD and use a 1 TB WD Black Series HDD for data storage. I don't plan on use any RAID configuration at the moment but, I want to keep my options opened just in case! I have read on some posts on how to install Windows "correctly" through RAID mode even if you plan on switching to AHCI afterwards, which is what I want to do. Would this be the correct way to do it? Some of the posts I've read are over a year old and I was wondering if anything has changed and/or if there are any other ways to properly set up ahci. I guess, what I am asking is what would be the BEST way for me to set up Win8 so that I don't have to go back and reinstall everything. Thanks!
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  1. "BEST" is quite a subjective term. Even worse "BEST way for me", while relative, isn't much help either. Implied by its name, RAID sets up disks redudantly in attempt to either improve read/write performance, or to create data back-up, among other valuable features. If your ultimate goal is to create a second image of your build, then RAID 1 is what you're going to need, as it provides mirroring; whereas RAID 0 only increases space and speed.

    In general, nothing has really changed in how to install software, so what you've read on 1-year-old hardware is still going to work for anything you procure in the future. Also, for what it's worth, setting up RAID with SSD+HDD is not a good idea, and here's a thread that more or less addresses the issue:
  2. Thanks! Ok. I'm going with AHCI, keeping my SSD as boot drive and HDD for storage. Would you still recommend setting up Win 8 through RAID even though I plan on switching back to AHCI? Or should I just install Win in AHCI configuration?
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    You will want to use AHCI mode no matter if you do RAID or not. Here is a good tutorial to use to avoid pitfalls associated with SSD installation as a boot drive. It was written for Win7, but I can't think of anything that would change with Win8.
  4. Thanks guys! I am still waiting for some parts of my order that'll arrive on Wednesday. I'll let you guys know how everything worked out.
  5. Thanks again, both of you. I was able to install Windows 8 (UEFI) in AHCI mode without any problems!
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