Need help choosing the right CPU

Im geting a new GAMING computer soon and im having a hard time choosing between 2 CPU's:
1. i5 3570K ivy bridge
2. i7 3770K ivy bridge

The purpose of the computer is mostly heavy Gaming on ultra settings. Im not using any heavy graphic softwares what so ever. This is a gaming machine.

I Could save some money by picking the i5 and invest it on other components which alot of people told me to do, because the i7 will almost make no diffrent when it comes to gaming and the the i7 is much more pricey then the i5.

What is your opinion about it?

Thanks alot
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  1. Few games and everyday applications can leverage 4C/8T on i7 so there isn't much point considering it unless you do a significant amount of content creation or other tasks that can effectively scale beyond four cores/threads.

    I would personally choose the i5 as well, the $100 saved there can be put to many other more immediately beneficial uses.
  2. I would go with 17 3770k. Then SLI to gtx 560. I have a need for all the processing power I can get!
  3. i7 3770K ivy bridge will likely be a $100 more then the i5.

    Still now word how over clockable the new Ivy Bridge processors though.
  4. I would say im planning on getting a single GTX680 ATM and the SLI/CF is a small possibility only in the very far future if so.

    This is a GAMING computer i really just expect it to run games on ULTRA settings as long as it can. So does the CPU will make big diffrence or i should just spend more on GPU/cooling/mother board etc.

    Thanks alot
  5. radaevia said:
    This is a GAMING computer i really just expect it to run games on ULTRA settings as long as it can.

    You would need to define "as long as it can" and decide which one makes the most sense to you between paying possibly twice as much today for a computer that might last nearly twice as long or set the money aside so you can afford rebuilding around an updated platform twice as often.

    Personally, I favor upgrading stuff on an as-needed basis whenever possible so I rarely need to buy everything in one shot and can get immediate obvious benefits upon purchase rather than some time in the future.
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    The answer to this question is largely dependent on what games you will be playing. Some games are more cpu intensive than others. Naturally if your playing on normal resolutions (1920 x 1080) with a very good graphics card you will be CPU limited on non intensive games but your FPS will likely be 80+. In most cases whenever you are cpu limited using the 3570k you will be getting extremely high FPS so I personally think its a non issue. When you consider that in 90% of cases you are going to be GPU limited anyway I don't see the point of going with the 3770k unless u just gotta have the best.

    Summary: In cases where 3570k limits you, you will be getting huge FPS so its much better to take that $100 and put it towards a better graphics card because that is what will limit you in most cases anyway. Note: the games that are known to be CPU intensive include Skyrim and most blizzard games.

  7. Everything's been said really but I'll agree with the i5 3570K, graphics is more important when playing in ultra settings.
    if you're not planning on ever OC'ing then get the i5 3570 if it's a lot cheaper.
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