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My Dell monitor connected to my Dell Precision 390 has on boot up displayed that "the power cable is not connected to the video card" displayed in flashing red text. There is a continual beeping from the computer which will not boot up. I have looked insode the pc and nothing seems wrong. Appreciate any ideas as to what is wrong. The video card is an ATI FIREGL.
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  1. Sounds like a graphic card failure or something.
    Can you try an other monitor or better an other graphic card ?
  2. Hey thanks for that. I can grab another monitor so will try that. Do you think fitting another card can be done by a non tech person or should I take it to a specialist? Thanks again
  3. I can do it, and i'm not that handy.
    With a pcie slot you have to loosen the little thingie that holds the card on it's place. It's a little lever or something on the end of the slot. It's on the opposite side from where you screw the card to the pc. Can't explain that good, my English fails here a bit. Make sure you're not static anymore by de-static yourself by touching a metal pipe from your heating system or something grounded. Don't use a lot of force, it should come out pretty easy. Make sure you disconnect all power cables and stuff from the graphic card.
  4. hey this happen to me when was using dell precision 380 i take out my ram and gpu and then insert them again and all wires and problem was solved
  5. Worth a try.
  6. Hi guys, well I amazed myself by doing what you suggested and carefully getting the card out, then putting back in. The fan on the ATi card still runs but the problem remains the same. Would you have any good advice which new graphics card I should purchase? Kids mainly use it for school stuff but I guess something capable like the ATiFireGL that just died would be good. Capable of pc games running. Its a 2005 Dell machine. Many thanks again!
  7. pell 380 - I will now try and locate RAM and CPU [gulp] to see if that works! But any advice on which new card to look at would be great. Thanks
  8. Nope, done all that nuthing doing. constant beep, beep, beep and message on monitor saying no power cable to video card.
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