Is this computer any Good for Gaming?

I got a new computer and I was wondering if this is any Good.

ATI Radeon HD 4350
Code Name: RV710
512 MBytes of Memory and a Core of 1299 MHz

Name: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 @ 2.33GHz
Core Speed: 1994.9 MHz

Type: DDR2
Channels: Dual
Size: 4096 MBytes
DC Mode: Symmetric

If this can run MW2 @ a decent speed could you also add that.
Thanks :D
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  1. If i were you i'd get a better graphics card, other than that youre good to go.

    I'd reccommend any graphics card ranging form 100$-200$(80-150€)

    Something like this:

    Or if youre on a tight budget... Something like this:

    With the first one you can play pretty much anything on mid-high(depending on your monitor size)

    The second one is more for mid-low setting(depending on monitor size and/or game)

    Your current graphics is more for multimedia, watching/streaming music and other digital content. It wont perform very good at games, its more suitable for older games from like yr 2000-2004.

    If these cards i offered, wont budge, you could go for somethign cheaper aswell... If you're only planning to play MW2.
    You can also browse for nvidia cards. (not a fanboy[for both chip manufacturers]).

    I just find Radeon series more graphics horsepower for your buck, whilst Geforce series is more quality for your money.
  2. You will be very likely need a PSU upgrade as well.

    Give use the full spec and well will decide.
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  4. Thanks for the response kristjan! :D
    Heres the problem guys!
    Its actually my mom and dads computer and they wont use any money to buy proccessors or/and Graphics Cards because they say that it would be a waste of money and they dont wont the computer to explode or something like that.

    If possible, could you give me a guide on atleast overclocking both my Graphics Card and CPU.

    Because I'm not going to spend any money on anything.

    (Let me also add that im also planning to play Crysis 2 and Aliens Vs Predator 2010 on it.)
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