Asus P8Z68-V PRO Downgrade BIOS

Went to the latest bios version 3603 ... have problems and want to flash back to an older bios, does anyone have a method? Asus says I have to RMA the board...I don't want to do that.

The issues I am having is that sometimes when coming out of sleep mode my mouse will not work, yet if I unplug it then plug into a different usb port it works fine. What's up with that? Also sometimes it just never wants to come up out of sleep mode period...finally it has a tendency to randomly when booting to freeze on the windows logo....frustrating, and I ran on the old bios for a year or more without any issues...thus why I want to flash back. Please help :)
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  1. I have flashed to a previous BIOS on several boards with no problems. The process just erases the previous BIOS code and re-writes it with the one you are flashing.
  2. Did you use the ezflash in the bios or a different way?
  3. I can't remember too well which ways I've done it on all the different boards I've had. I do remember using MSI Live Update in Windows a couple times on MSI boards. That app always worked well. But I haven't had an Asus board for quite awhile.
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