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Hello Friends,
I have purchased Asrock Z77 Fatal1ty Pro Mobo before some time. Just amazing board in performance. 100 % satisfy with money and performance. Great work By Asrock Team. I want to still better from this board by selecting great compatible gears. Please suggest me ..
1. Compatible RAM Module for best performance
2. Compatible Graphic Card for best performance

Right now The PC Config is..
Intel i7 3770K
Asrock Z77 Fatal1ty Pro
Corsair Vangeance 2 x 4 GB 1600 MHz (I want to go for 16 GB higher MHz)
Zotac 2 GB 560GTX (I want to go for PCI 3 gen card)
Cooler MAster M2 Pro 850W SMPS
Cm 690 Nvidia Edition chasis
256 GB Sata III OCZ Vertex SSD for Boot Drive
1 TB WD Sata 3 HDD

I have checked compatible RAM list at webpage of Asrock. But Will 2800/2666/2400/2333/2300/2250/2200/2133/2000/1866 MHz RAM supported by Intel 3770K ? What is the role of CPU with higher speed of RAM?
I do not find any site which mention the compatible graphic cards for said board
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  1. Buy the high end GPU card you want they should all be compatible. High speed ram will only work overclocked in your system. Here is an indication of real time performance difference between high speed and 1600MHz.,3100-10.html
    Supported memory by motherboard for i7 3770K
    Powercolor 7970 3gb card for $380.
    Gskill 8GB (2x4G) 2133 DDR3 This ought to do.

    Check out the link Rolli59 provided for overclocking your ram.
  3. Which gpu u purchased. Could u suggest me gpu for my system. My specifications are as:*
    I5 3570k
    Asrock z77 fatal1ty proffessional
    Coolmaster thunder 600 watt
    Seagate barracuda 1 tb
    Corsair vengeance 4 gb
    Benq xl2420t
  4. For a 3570 i5, you wont have a choke point for most GPU's. The more money you spend, the better performance you get. Your big choice is this: Is VR important to you? If not, a GTX 950 will handle any game out there and give you really good performance (I use this card in my box right now). If VR is something you will eventually want, go with a GTX 970, at twice the price. Of course, Radeon cards work as well, I just got tired of the constant fiddling with beta drivers.
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