New build W/3 monitors...advice needed.

I need some advice on which graphics card/cards I should buy. Its a new build with a gigabyte z68 mobo and i plan on buying an i5 2500k cpu. Powered with 850 watts thermaltake and geil 16 gb ddr3 1600. i have 3 monitors that are vga only which will be used mostly for trading stocks etc. I plan on adding 1 more higher end monitor with digital inputs in the future for gaming/movies etc. Should i buy dual crossfire/eyefinity cards? Can i run my 3 vga monitors with dvi to vga cables with two of those cards? Can someone please help me make the right choice.

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    there is no need for crossfire or sli for your setup as described.
    get an ati card that can handle 3 monitors, dvi-card-output to vga-monitor-input is feasible via adapter or cable

    buy one powerful gpu-card for gaming, as suggested, and connect monitor1 that could show your games and use the second port for monitor2 as extended desktop for trading stocks etc.
    since you have a z68 motherboard, i presume that it has a second pci-e so you could get a cheap graphic card and hook up the monitor3 and monitor4, again extended desktop for stock trading etc.

  2. Thankyou. Suggestion 2 is the way i will go. Could you tell me the two cards you would buy as an example?
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  4. well, all depends on budget but i could suggest depending on "gaming" card brand selected to get the same brand for the second so as to avoid driver conflicts, ie 2 nvidia cards or 2 ati cards.
    personally, i am using an nvidia gtx560ti for gaming and i am using an old 8400gs that was available to me.

    hope it helps.
  5. Great, Just put my order in. Thanks again tooold!!!
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