I can't access BIOS after over clocking

Hi, I recently was over clocking and over vaulting my CPU and now it crashes on boot, it comes with a message reading "Over-Vaulting Failed" and then the options to go into set up or load default values comes up and it instantly turns off. I can't get into the bios since it shows that message before the bios. Any ideas?
My specs
m5a78l-m usb3
GTX 560Ti
Cougar 1200w Vengeance
1tb hard drive
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  1. Try resetting the BIOS to default with the CLRTC jumper on the board. Take the CMOS battery out before doing it. (page 1-19 in your manual)
  2. Reset BIOS to default. Of what I see you overclocked too much, and the thermal sensors saw that the CPU is too hot, so it automatically stops the PC. You should be happy that it turns off, if it wouldn't... You would have got a CPU and a motherboard burning there.
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