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Hey everyone,

I was looking into getting a netbook for school. I have two in mind atm, very cheap @ $250. I was looking to get it by the end of the week as I start school in a couple weeks. The only problem is, I am not all that knowledgeable in netbook CPUs. The two processors I am considering are an AMD C-60 or an Intel N2600. Now, the AMD would win in graphics and video playback due to it being an APU, while the Intel walks away with energy efficiency. My question is, which of the two have better processing power? Does the Intel walk away with it's additional two virtual cores, or does the AMD have the upper hand since it can support 4GBs of ram unlike the Intel's 2GB? Any feedback would be much appreciated :D
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  1. The APU is most likely better for the graphics/gaming work but the Intel® Atom™ n2600 will give you better battery life. If you are buying a netbook you need to understand battery life is what it is all about.

    For most people I would advise that you get a refurbished laptop that uses an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo­ processor as a better value for your money. Maybe something like this

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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    If battery life is not so important I would take the AMD as its a bit more versatile, if you need long battery life though the Intel may do you better.

    To be honest if your after CPU grunt and High RAM numbers you probably don't want a netbook. If its just for taking to school and typing, with maybe the odd film watched and some light browsing I would just take whatever offers the best mix of battery life and light weight.
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