Hi all! So I have this problem regarding BIOS and I don't know how to solve it. I have ASUS P5 KPL-VM motherboard in CPUz it says Jooyon ver. 1.6 P5 KPL-VM MYEDU→ I don't know what is this MYEDU doing here? What is Jooyon? I've tried to update BIOS but it persistently rejects me saying that BIOS ROM doesn't match, tried with Asus updater and BIOS built in tool EZ Flash 2... As you can see on the image below (in the link) I have 0303 BIOS version, the latest version is 1003, tried with older versions too. I want to update just because of OCing, my CPU bottlenecks my GPU in games. I've tried and OCed my CPU from 2.66GHz to 2.81GHz with a software "Turbo Gear" but that is insignificant, I would like to achieve 3.6GHz, I know my cooler is capable of that. My ROM can be flashed I used Asus updater and saved my current BIOS then refreshed it and it worked. All BIOSes I've tried are downloaded from the ASUS official site.
Any suggestions on this please? :??:

<a href=""> motherboard link</a>
<a href=""> GPUZ screenshot link</a>
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