Can i run graphics cards nvidia gtx 550 ti and 560?


my old graphics card fried and now im lookin for a new one. i've stumbled on these 2:

-nvidia gtx 550ti 1gb
-nvidia gtx 560 1gb(not ti)

-what i want to know is:

---!!---will it work on 450wats?

---!!---is my pc good enough to run any of them? core 2 quad q8200 , 2.33ghz
...4gb ram
...window 7 64-bit
...1tb hard disc sata2 card(nvidia geforce 9800 gt 1gb-- FRYED) <-- rip

---!!---whats the difference between them( graphics, speed, power use)

and MOST important(for me)... How do i know if my motherboard can run it(needs pci express x16-- the thing is.. i dont know what can my motherboard run)????

i will give any needed info asap.

i would apreciate if you could answer at least one of my questions.

tnx in advance

best regards, xxxbr1ghtst4r
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  1. What brand and model psu ? What is your mobo, or what brand and model is your pc ?
  2. Anyway, your 9800 is a pcie 2.0x16 card so i assume you have a pcix16 slot.
    I would stay away from the 550 but go for a 460 or 560, but i think for the last one you'll have to overclock your cpu. ( not sure )
    460 is better than the 550. 560 is better than 460 but again more expensive.
    If you have a quality psu 450W would be ( just ) enough.
  3. gtx560 it is then. i would buy overclocked 560 but seems ill use the rest of money for upgradeing my pc to 550 or 650 wats. so it wont *just* work.. but will work 100 percent

    and thank you very much for your helpful info.. and fast response on my question.
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