$1500 Video editing / gaming build

Approximate Purchase Date: Feb (or May if Ivy Bridge)

Budget Range: 1.5k

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Video Editing (Lots of rendering), Gaming, web surfing

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, speaker, monitor, wireless network card, sound card, BD burner

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg.com

Country: Hong Kong

Parts Preferences: Intel CPU, Asus graphic card

Overclocking: maybe

SLI or Crossfire: no

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1200

Additional Comments: want it to be quiet, no water cooling, great graphics
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  1. It's too hard to discuss hardware specifics this far off, but we can get the ball rolling. The specific programs you will use play a major role in planning such a system.
    Are they heavily multi-threaded?
    Will the rendering benefit from CUDA?

    Is newegg really your best choice for shopping?
  2. Sorry for the lack of information

    What I do want is separate my OS / programs HDD with my work HDDs
    Thinking of whether I should get SSD for OS
    then 2 x 2TB RAID 5 for work
    Should I get another HDD for Cache files and footage files?

    Mainly I'll be using Adobe Premiere , Photoshop and After effect

    Is Ivy Bridge worth the wait?
  3. I don't do 3D rendering, should I still get a Quadro or GTX?

    and no, newegg isn't my best choice as I'll actually buy it in local shops in my city aka Hong Kong
  4. and how does it compare to my current computer?
    Should I just do some upgrade?
  5. I think you will get enough benefit from an upgrade to get rid of the LGA 775 system.

    Probably not a big boost from CUDA, but it seems to me since you want to game with the system as well, a GTX would be the best choice. With the given budget that might mean a GTX 570 today, but in two months I'm not sure. Hopefully HDD prices will drop a bit in the next month.

    I'm also thinking the more cores you can get the better.
  6. Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge or the 920 / 950 range for CPU?

    that's why i'm waiting, i was about to build one in Nov and then the flooding happened...

    SSD = worthy?
  7. Since your files won't be on the SSD probably not... but perhaps some caching with a small SSD and the X68 chipset would be best.

    So you are probably just going to use an i7 2600K, no reason to wait for Ivy Bridge.

    This just hit the front page:
  8. thanks for the page, much help

    I'm just not sure whether it's coz of the LGA 775 or it's becoz of my HDDs
    I didn't do it well when I built it back then
    so I did partitions, and it doesn't work very well...
  9. I have heard they are making good progress getting those factories back up. Maybe we'll see the prices drop in a month or so.
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