Leadtek Nvidia 9800GX2 Issue

I have a 9800GX2 and when I power my pc on all the green lights come on but then It shuts down before the BIOS So i belive this is a graphics card fault right? does anyone have an Idea to fix this??
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  1. Do you have another pci-e slot you can try it in?
    Also what PSU do you have?
  2. Does the fan on the video card spin up when you power on the computer?

    The 9800GX2 was notorious for failure as i recall- its HOT running and power hungry

    as monsta asked, what power supply do you have? what is the amps on the 12v rails and what is the overall wattage output? - also a make/model would help as well
  3. I had 2 of them in Quad SLI and they did run hot but had no issues whastover with them , I only just sold them about a month ago and upgraded.LOL
    They do need a good PSU, even with both green lights turned on there could not be enough power to them, Also its important that you didnt use the same power cable with an adaptor for it , best to run them on two separate lines.
  4. AH nice, quad sli, that woulda been a killer setup back in the day - i remember always wanting even one, but instead i got a 9800GTX+ .. then later i got a GTS250 only to find out it was a 9800GTX+ with a new nm process on the gpu :(
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