Power efficent gaming laptop ? PLEASE HELP

Hey everyone , i've begun looking for the most power efficent system that i can afford ... at first i was going to build a powerfull desktop that was energy efficent ... but then i realised that i can proably get more engergy efficency from a laptop ...

i know alot about desktops , i know little about laptops .... This is what is most imporant to me in order , for a laptop ...

Energy efficency ( the less power needed the better )

Quality , i really don't want the cheapest parts on earth ...

Gaming ... i should be able to play Mass effect 1 or 2 on medium levels along with HOI 3

..... price wise i don't want to go above 1200 .... i want at least a 15 inch screen ...
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  1. A laptop with optimus technology is useful for power conservation. Keeping the laptop at less than 95 watts is another step. I would say 65 watts, but keeping in mind you'll want a dedicated card that probably raises it some. Quality is... well.... um, tough. Does any manufacturer use quality parts in their laptops anymore? *shrug*

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834230141 <---- pretty powerful, no clue on efficiency. But honestly, asking for power effeciency in a gaming laptop isn't going to happen. For on the grid, if you are concerned about your power bill, laptops aren't going to use more than what a 100 watt light bulb will use. If you want it to use without plugged in, then you don't want to game on it.
  2. Look into AMD A8-3500M based laptops.


    See if the gaming performance is good enough for you with just the APU. See if the power consumption is low enough.
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