Building a Gaming PC for my friend under $800 | Need Help Thanks!


My friend is getting a new PC for under $800, he wants it to play most of the games on high graphics.

Games he will be playing -

Battlefield 3
League of Legends
- other high graphical games ect.

Budget is under $800
Could you recommend anything else?
Should he get the PSU separate?

Thanks, much appreciated.

Here are the components

The prices are from


Case – Cooler Master Elite 430 $57

CPU – i5 2500 $220

Motherboard – ASUS p8h61 Motherboard v3 $89

Hard Disk Drive – Seagate Barracuda $74

Memory/RAM – G.Skill DDR3 8GB RAM PC-10666-1333 F3-10666CL9D-8GBRL $47.30

Video Card – ASUS NVIDIA GTX 550ti 1GB $145

Optical Drive – LG DVD Burner (GH24NS70) $25

OS – Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit $109

PSU - Corsair GS600 - 600w $106.70

Total Cost: $810
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  1. Drop the 550ti and get a 6790 or a 6850.

    Drop the 2500 and get an i3 2100

    Get a Z68 motherboard instead of a H61 for future proofing.
  2. Thanks :D
  3. Assuming it will be 2 weeks or so before you actually build it, you can get an extra $110 toward a better video card and a 2500k if you want...

    Don't buy a copy of windows. You have 30 days to activate it, by which time the windows 8 beta (due at the end of February) will be out. Then switch over to that.

    It's slightly in the gray area, but you aren't actually cracking anything. $100 extra toward the GPU would be a huge boost in gaming performance.
  4. sosofm said:

    6790 runs rings around the 550ti - and stretching to the 6850 brings you into a completley different league alltogether.
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