Random Freezes after windows has booted

Hello a computer at work randomly restarts after windows has boots up and i am wondering what are the possible causes.

Spec are:

Motherboard: Asus Z8PE-D18

CPU: Xeon 5690 x2

Memory: 8gb hynix server memory x18

Hard disk: Western digital 1tb x8 in raid 0
and a 3tb seagate for operating system

Raid controller: LSI megaraid 8port sas/sata III 6g

PSU: 1200w antec high current 80 plus

Graphics card quadro 4000

and memory fans

We have built previous computers with the same components before but this is the first time we have done a 144gb ram machine (we filled every possible slot)

Please help!

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. load bios default settings ,Check any ram and hdd for lose connection and fix it
  2. Check power supply connectors are give suficeant power, remove raid hdd then try
  3. I have just loaded bios to default settings all ram and hdd are there not sure how i check the power supply connectors but in the bios i check the voltage the were producing and it was the correct amount
  4. Random rebooting without any kind of error message from windows could indicate a power supply problem. If there is a windows crash preceding the reboot it could be memory and a memtest would be indicated to find the culprit.
  5. there is no error message and it does both either freezes or reboots randomly then after reboot it comes up with do you want to start windows normally
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