Games working better in windowed mode

i just bought skyrim and noticed it stutters a little while going forward in fullscreen but works fine in window mode 1920x1080 im also having the same problem with amnesia but not stutter a blurry line across screen when i move but is fine in window mode and seems to be smoother and quicker.
why is this ive used fraps and noticed no difference in fps is it a monitor problem vertically or something else

system specs are
i7 920 not overclocked
64gb ssd drive
1tb samsung spinpoint
6gb ram
gigabyte killer motherboard
sapphirre 6870 vaporx
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  1. it dont make sense because the window covers the screen apart from a thin black border at the top so whats the difference :(
  2. I read about this somewhere. It has something to do with Triple Buffering.
  3. do u know what i need to do :)
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