Case fan configuration for Fractal Design Define R3

what's the best way to go about

my build
i7 3930k (oc to 4.0) with Noctua NH-D14
ssd x1 + hhd x1
single gtx570

will it suffice to run 2 front fan as intakes and rear and top(1) as exhausts?
in this case, should I bother to install a side fan and an extra top fan?

I want to find a excellent balance point between staying quite and cool
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    Great article on fan placement and the effects on cooling:
    For a case using 120mm fans:
    1. If using (2) fans, then rear and side placement is the best.
    2. Using (3) fans, then top, side and rear is the best.
    3. (4) fans, then (2) front, rear and top will create good front to rear flow. Placing a single fan up front does not provide sufficient airflow to create good front/rear circulation.
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