Best program to play MKV movies without skipping and lag

I know it's not the best laptop but for the most part it does what i need. my only problem is when playing large HD movies in MKV format it's constant lagging and skipping. I have tried VLC and it's unwatchable. here is what i have


I usually like to get the largest file as it will make for a better pic. the smaller more compressed files aren't an issue. any suggestions on player the larger files?


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  1. Get CCC full package (that make sure you also get the AMD media codec) and install the CCC (check AMD media codec is installed correctly in installation log which pops up after installation). Download Media Player Classic. Install and enable GPU DXVA in MPC by:

    Enable DXVA (includes all .264 content regardless if it is mkv, mp4, etc...) in MPC by going:

    View>options>internal filters and select everything with (DXVA) and apply

    Then, on playback>output select

    evr custom pres, directx9 and directx9, for directshow video, realmedia video and quicktime video

    Ok and restart MPC and play video.
  2. i am going to look into this after dinner. if i have any install issues, which i dont think i will, i will follow up with you.

    i have tried other players beside VLC, that seems to be the most popular and i've never any complaints, as well as several codecs/packs. no luck.

    thanks man.
  3. awesome man thanks. a movie that was giving me a lot of problems is perfect.

    very much appreciated
  4. Awesome!!!!!! :) It works :)
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