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Hi Guys,

Say I was wondering what the best configuration for my case fans would be? What could I do better?

Just some basic info:
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz ---OC to 4.2Ghz
HIS Radeon HD 6970
7200 RPM HDD
24x GBs of CORSAIR Vengeance (6 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Model CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9B

Avg CPU temp is about 45-54 C, Stress tests at about 81 C degrees
Avg GPU temp is about 63 C degrees with 67% fan speed

PC Case: NZXT Crafted Series Tempest 410 Black Steel
Fan Layout:
2x Top
1x Rear
2x Front
1x Front bottom
2x Side

CPU Heatsink/Fan: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212
2x Fans = 1x Front and 1x Rear - Basic 2000 RPM Fans

So a total of 10 Fans on this case

NOTE: I AM CURRENTLY short 4 of the 3000 RPM Fans!!!

The Fans
4x Scythe DFS123812-3000 "ULTRA KAZE" 120 x 38 mm Case Fan (3000 RPM @133CFM)
6x Basic 2000 RPM fans @ ~75CFM

So this is what I was thinking about my fan configuration:
2x Top - 2x 2000 rpm - Top Front blowing air in, top rear blowing air out (cant fit the 3000 rpm ones)
*My worry is that air will just circulate between the two top fans because of the 1-2 inch cap from the heatsink and not actually pull air to the front heatsink fan*

1x Rear - 1x 3000 rpm fan
*Only worry is that it won't mount on the rear, it has a special bracket*
2x Front - 2x 2000 rpm fans blowing air in (cant fit the 3000 rpm ones)
*can't change this, nor would I want to*
1x Front bottom - 1x 3000 rpm blowing air in
*I was thinking that this fan wont interfere with the two front fans because it will have the most work pulling air from the bottom/carpet, but would it be better to swap this fan for the rear heatsink fan?*
2x Side 2x 3000 rpm blowing air in
*Pretty sure these should be both blowing in*
2x CPU Heatsink - 2x 2000 RPM both blowing towards the rear of the case
*No reason to change this*
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  1. My god what an engineering. The air flow in a CASE must be simple and eficient.
    You don't need so much fans because you will mess all the air flow.
    The air what go in must be equal with the air what go out. Other option is the negative presure.( 1 fan intake, 2 fans outake).
    You can put two fans in the front of your case for air in , and 1rear ,1top for air out. Is the most simple and eficient case air cooling. Better think is the fans to be all the same ( rpm and cfm).
    For a better controll buy an fan controller.
  2. I think the basic principle is that the fans should aid convection, not buck it. Hot air rises, so fans in the upper half of the case should blow out, and the lower half blow in. Me, I like to see air filters on intakes.
  3. Well if I have both fans on top that straddle the front and rear of the CPU heatsink as exhaust fans out I worry that my my CPU might miss out on cooler air, but I guess the ram would be cooler. Is it going to be just that much cooler because of increased circulation even if it isnt directed at the CPU?

    I was also wondering though, if there is more air being forced into the case, wouldn't that create a positive presure to force air out the case much easier b/c the exhaust fans wouldn't have to work so hard?

    Guess this is what I thought about creating positive pressure.
    6 Fans in, 2 Fans Out , 2 Fans on Attached to heatsink

    Keep the replies coming!

  4. I may have misunderstood your heatsink comment, do you have them both blowing away from it?
    If so, change the one nearest the ram to blowing into the hs,
    If not sorry for the misunderstanding
  5. Basic rule for air cooling:
    Front and side fans - intake, and
    Back and top fans - exhaust.

    Side fans may or may not improve cooling. On my Antec 900 cases, they do not. Ony way to find out is to install them and test.

    The fan on the CPU cooler should be oriented to take advantage of the air flow in the case.
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