G41 express chipset or nvidia 8400 GS?

i have been looking around the internets and found out that according to videocardbenchmark.net the G41 has a G3D rating of 181 (apparently higher is better) and a rank of 529 (apparently lower is better)
the 8400 gs has a G3D rating of 138 (lower then the G41) and a rank of 628 (higher then the G41)

is the G41 better then the 8400 despite it being an intergrated card?

(i understand that onboard graphics cards share the computers RAM the computer currently has 2 gigs of ddr3 @ 1281 MHZ (the DRAM frequency is 640.6 i think i read that thats base speed and the effective speed is supposed to be doubble that so 1281 mhz) if that < is correct the current speed is 1281 because i overclocked the cpu (overclock profile of 20% it must have affected the ram clock as well as the cpu? because it says on the actual ram 1066 mhz)
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  1. i would also like to make a note
    ^ alot of that is pure speculation i havent asked anyone and i cba to look it up

    but still would the integrated card be better then the 8400 gs :/ (im thinking of getting another 2 gigs of ram same speed etc)
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