Razer Megalodon Microphone Help!

I bought a Razer Megalodon headset after my old one's mic died out randomly. Spent a solid 140 on it, brand new.

I always see a lot of high end players sporting it, it's really comfortable and the 7.1 surround sound is really nice.

Only issue I seem to have is Microphone configuration with it.

I looked into the manual and the issue I seem to have is this:

-On Skype people could hear what I was hearing (videos, music, etc)

I turned down Mic sensitivity and Mic Level and it worked out for a bit until I got into a call and it happened today, didn't happen after I left the call and joined back up again.

-Mic on CSS is really weird, you can hear about 1 second of what I'm saying and then it breaks out completely into screeches.

Fixed it for a bit too when I turned down Mic Sensitivity and Mic Level

Question is, how can I fix this? I want the mic so it doesn't pick up ANY of my sound as well as that I want the radius of it picking up my voice to just be myself, I don't want it to be able to hear my girlfriend watching TV in the room outside of our bedroom.
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  1. Boy do I know your pain, I've had my Megalodon for almost a year, and I have the exact same problem. The mic is super sensitive to the point where push-to-talk is required using any sort of voip (Skype calls while gaming were killing my friends ears). Recently I fixed the issue, but you might not like my solution, I have my Turtle Beach headset which is primarily for my xbox around my neck, as it uses a different lineout for the mic on xbox to PC i have it connected to both, then I use it's mic for talking while PC gaming and the Megalodon for Audio. If you find a solution I would be keen to hear it.

    BTW I've updated my firmware as of this weekend on my Megalodon and still no help so if there is a solution I think it's more likely going to be a configuration thing then a simple driver update.
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