Which case for my H100 Water Cooler?

Hey guys well this is my question this time i got a H100 from Corsair to cool my CPU but it doesnt fit in my case atm so im going to buy a new one and my choices are:

Corsair Carbide 300k

CM 600 2 Advance

NZXT Phantom

I love the look of this cases and the reviews says that this ones are amazing (airflow, good materials , room, etc..) but i just don't know if my H100 fit without a problem.
Pliz help me =).

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    Out of those 3, the NZXT Phantom will hold the H100. Other 2 are quite small.
  2. Here are some other cases: Cooler Master Cosmos II, Corsair 800D, Corsair C70.
  3. Yeah i love that ones but i want a mid range price cause Cosmos or 800D are a lil expensive for me atm so i just wondering if the Haf 932 or a Thermaltake can be cool for the H100. Because atm i can get the Phantom from NZXT for $150.
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    If you want to be creative and one of very few people to do it.

    Silverstone raven RV02-B.

    Here is mine:

    Well this case is pretty amazing and not to expensive ty man for you help. Maybe ill get this one if i can find it =P
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