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PS3 or GTX560ti PC


Playing game at PS3 is more good or playing game at PC..
specially with GTX 560ti...

Money no problem...
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  1. Depends.... Consoles are great to just "plug and play". At worst you have to deal with updates or the network being down.

    PCs require maintenance, troubleshooting, waiting on driver updates for new games. But with a 560 Ti and a good CPU you'll definitely be playing games in higher detail. You also have the option to use gamepads on the PC if that's your thing.

    Being a PC hardware forum, I'm sure most people here like myself will tell you PC is way better. Subjectively, it's up to you.
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    In my opinion there are a few things that really differentiate PC from console:

    1) Graphics quality: drastically more horespower to render 3d means games will look better on a reasonably powerful pc. However, many people that don't value those differences may not notice the distinction as much as others.

    2) Controllers: to me, keyboard + mouse is miles ahead of console controllers in amost all games.

    3) Versatility: you can use a computer for a broader set of activities than consoles (though consoles are doing a great job of expanding their multimedia role).

    4) Value: consoles provide a really unbeatable value for gamers as compared to PC. $2-300 gets you in the door. End of story. $500 is really the starting point (sans Operating System) for a decent gaming rig. To build something more substantial you can top $1,500 very easily.

    5) Ease of use: building and really getting the most out of a gaming PC requires a lot more know how. From updating drivers to troubleshooting, you just don't have the same hassle-free maintenance that consoles have.

    Given the above, I very rarely buy a game for consoles that's available for PC. Get yourself a solid rig, understand the tradeoffs, and enjoy those amazing visuals!
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