I have 8gb of ram installed and it says only 3.49gb is useable

i built this gaming pc yesterday and istalled the windows and everything , but when i took a look at the computer properties i noticed that the RAM is underused , i have 8gb ram (2x4gb Corsair XMS3 ddr3) it only say that 3.49gb of RAM is useable
as in the pic bellow , so why did that happen ? and how to fix it ?
please reply me as soon as possible .
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    You are running a 32bit OS according to the screenshot. You need a 64bit OS to take advantage of any amount of memory above 4GB
  2. As he said. There's almost no reason to use 32bit anyway. Start over and install the 64bit version.
  3. If you did not receive a 64bit disk download the correct official iso from here

    And install using your license key. Your license covers either version.
  4. I didn't know you could upgrade, I have been using 32 bit for two years now and wondered, thanks for the info unskol
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