Resolution 1920x1080 60hz in windows 7 automatically changes to 59hz

Dear sir,
In my Samsung make lcd 21.5" model 2233SW, whenever I set resolution 1920x1080-60Hz, it automatically changes to 1920x1080-59Hz. Further on launching small games error message receives saying "Not optimum resolution, recommended resolution 1920x1080-60Hz".
How to overcome this resolution issue.
OS -Windows 7Ultimate 32bit
Processor - Intel quad core Q9550
Mobo - DG45ID
HDD - Seagate 250GB
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  1. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card. I had the same issue on some older drivers doing that. With the newer drivers it runs at 60Hz.
  2. i had that issue too when i installed the latest driver for my 5870. went back to an older driver solved it. try to install the latest driver or go back to one that worked.
    im having similar issue and cannot find anyone to advise me :?
    i have same monitor and basically xp was native 19201080 but 7 ultimate will not correctly run that and when I really messed around with everything it still is not perfect.
    Seems a simple issue which many people have but no one is resolving and latest drivers usually screws stuff up but i cannot find an older one for win 7.
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