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I have just reinstalled windows 7 on my PC, now normally when i have done this everyting is fine. All I do is loop the HDMI out of my graphics card through the xonar 'in/out' to my display, then load the xonars drivers. This time, same configuration 'hdmi/graphics card/xonar in- out/display' but as soon as i load the xonars drivers you can hear a click then the screen goes blank. The only way I can dsplay a picture is using the graphics card HDMI only missing the xonar out.

Any ideas? I have carried out this procedure loads of times and never encountered this before.
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  1. Well, the click would indicate the switches on the card are flipping, which is normal for C-Media based cards [my Xense does it when switching from Headphones to speakers].

    Might be a resolution problem? Also, if any audio drivers for the GPU are installed, that might be causing a conflict with the Xonar's driver software.
  2. The switching noise is familiar yes, I do recall hearing this before.

    It does seem like a conflict, just it has never happened before so I am a little lost. You know I must have carried out this procedure a dozen times now and never had any problems, strange one.
  3. Yeah, it sounds like a conflict. I'd check your video settings to make sure they are set up properly, as I suspect the 1.3 only accepts certain formats...

    Also, out of curiosity, lack of video aside, if you use the HDMI out, do you at least get the audio signal [which proves the connection is fine, and its a video problem] or nothing [which proves it might be something at the other end of the connection].
  4. Well something weird is happening. I did manage to display a picture through the Xonar after I carried out system repair, but this was short lived.

    I have tried to play Audio, this is blocked too, so I've dropped ASUS a line.

    Thanks for the help.
  5. Just for kicks, did you try a different HDMI cable?

    Its sounding like the 1.3 is receiving something it doesn't like though...
  6. yep, tried that.
  7. Out of ideas then; I'd double check your GPU settings. I'd also run a test to confirm that just the HDMI output of the 1.3 works, to make sure the problem isn't the output...
  8. what do I need to be checking in the GPU?

    I do have sound coming out of the Analog outputs from the Xonar. And how would I check the HDMI to see if this works?
  9. Specifically, the output resoulution and refresh rate. Remember there are separate settings for TV output, which may be part of the problem...

    If you are getting audio out of the card, then I'm more tempted to call it an input problem. Best be may be to harass ASUS tech support on this one though...

    You also might want to head over to the guru3d forum; ROBSCIX, their audio guru, has spent a LOT more time with this card, and can probably offer more help than I can on this problem...
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