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I have a HP p6310f with integrated graphics and would like to upgrade. I'm looking to be able to run more games but not necessarily the bleeding edge. Can someone suggest the best graphics card/power supply combo for around 250-300$ Thanks.
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    500-w PSU = 59.99 (49.99 after rebate)
    GTX 460 1GB = 149.99 (119.99 after rebate)

    You will want to research whether or not these items will fit into your case as sometimes with products such as HP and Dell, etc, they may not fit/be compatible.
  2. Thanks for the quick replies. Now for a dumb question. How can I determine whether or not these will fit in my case?
  3. Measuring tape. Measure from the start of your HDD bays to the end of the case roughly.
  4. I was under the assumption that I would be forced to upgrade the PSU if I wanted any graphics upgrade, but iv'e been told that would not require me to do so. My PSU is 300w. If that's the case I would prefer it, as I haven't fiddled with the inner-working of a computer in years and would prefer as much plug in play as possible. I see it came out a couple years ago, is this even the latest version? I'm also seeing a GT 520, a GT 430, and a GT 440. Can I have your thoughts on this? Thankyou.
  5. The GT cards are low-end cards and should be avoided, as AMD makes a much better card for their price range. I would definitely recommend you get a new PSU with your graphics card, as a 300w no-namer is junk. It may run fine with your old PSU, but you don't want to take the risk after spending $250+.
  6. Based on the suggestions iv'e narrowed it down to:


    Would the Radeon work equally well? If the difference between the psu is only 10 bucks should I get the 600w instead of the 500w? Can't hurt right?

    Yes get the 600w. The only con of getting more power than you need is a few bucks.
  8. Thankyou very much for your help gmcizzle!
  9. No prob :)
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