Computer goes poof when i hit the power button. HELP PLEASE????

You can call me Newme. I have hit a little bump in making my new computer. I bought all new parts for his computer.
Here is a list of all that i have.

1:DF-85 full tower chassis
2:Sabertooth X58 motherboard
3:Crucial Ballistix 12GB DDR3 RAM
4:Intel core i7 LGA1366
5:Seatate Barracuda SATA 1TB
6:LightScribe 24x DVD +/-R Triple fromat SATA internal Drive
8:Consair CX600 600 WATT, 80 PLUSE CERTIFIED

I put all that together and when i hit that power button. And all the fans spin for a second and then it shuts down. And i don't really don't know what is going wrong. I could really use some help if there is any.
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  1. Well, lets see. Things to check

    - 20+4 Pin Power Connected
    - 4+4 Pin CPU Power Connected
    - 6 Pin PCIe Power to GTX 550Ti connected
    - RAM sticks seated properly

    OK. So. If you've checked all that, and it still doesn't work. Take all the RAM Sticks out but one, unplug all peripherals leaving only the motherboard and GPU connected to the PSU, and power the thing on.

    If it it doesn't work then, you should see if you could swap in a known-working PSU and give it a try. And if that doesn't work, then you're probably at Bad Motherboard/CPU.
  2. I did check what you had said, and i found out that a usb plug was causing to not to work
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