ATI 6750--temps with a couple of games--concern?

Gigabyte ATI 6750 OC 1GB, 6 GB Ram, 750GB HD, i7-920, 500W Coolermaster PSU.

Since I got the card a few weeks ago, I've been idling at 39-43C, with temperatures going as high as 67C for a few games (with fan at 80 percent).

Since then, however, I've installed a couple of games that are running a nice bit higher--was wondering if there's any cause for concern.

These temps are with fan at 80 percent:

Skyrim--goes as high as 74-76C.
Hellgate London (DX9 executable, shadows on low, Trillinear on, anistropic off, shaders high, model view distance ultra) as high as 75C
Oblivion--as high as 72C

Should I be concerned with these temps? Should I dial down the graphic settings a bit to lower the temps? Is there any harm to the graphics card and/or fan in gaming with the fan at 80 percent for extended periods? Thanks for your help.
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  1. Anyone? I can't find information online about max temps for the 6750, someone? :)
  2. I don't know specifically about the 6750,

    but depending on card some could go up to 100C.

    So I would not worry that much if everything is going smooth.

    Usually 125c is a GPU killer though

    Can you adjust speed to 100% on the card ?
  3. Anyone have any knowledge or familiarity with the 6750?

    If you're worried about temps look in to something like that; I put it on my 6790 which was heating up to about 75*C with hefty games like crysis with max fan.

    That new heat sink dropped it to 55-60*c on crysis and most other games barely hit 50*C. I just canabalized the fan out of the OEM heatsink so i could stil control it and have a fan moving air over the heat sink.

    IMO 90*C or higher is a danger zone for graphics cards.
  5. Different cards have different temps though, that much i DO know :)

    What I'm trying to find out is are these temps unusually high for a 6750 OC?
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