Asus GTX 560 DCU II - SLI?

Hey everyone, so I've currently got a new DIY rig that's around a month old, and I'm working with a i5-2500k and a single asus gtx 560 dcu ii (the 850Mhz version). It's working really well OC'd to 952 core clock and 4796Mhz memory clock.

Anyway, I'm only pulling around 35fps with games like Skyrim and RAGE (16x AA) so I want to pick up a second 560 during this coming boxing week after Christmas. I'm hoping you guys could give me some recommendations as to what card I should look into getting.

BTW, if you're wondering about my other hardware for making a good suggestion, feel free to ask.

tl;dr - running an OC 560, need suggestions for what second 560 i should get for SLI.
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  1. Be advised that games like Skyrim depends more on the CPU, and the Core i5 2500k sounds to be a good monster but in case you OC it only. See below, in order to max out the game you need to have a strong OCed CPU no matter what GPU you do have

    SLI will give you better scaling specially with the i5 2500K. For SLI, it's highly recommend to get the identical GPU from the same manufacturer and same clock speeds.
  2. While you CAN mix brands, you really shouldn't. get an identical card.
  3. thanks for the help, I'll look into an identical card.
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