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Hey guys, I have a question about which of the following options will get me the most bang for the buck, hoping to spend no more than $250. First here are the specs (not exact) of my current system.
4gbs DDR3 1333mhz ram
5770 1gb
Athlon II X4 640 OC to 3.8
BFG PSU 550W, it is an older model.

So the options are A: I buy a new PSU and another 5770 for around $200 thereby running crossfire and improving my gaming experience. Or option B: I buy one new card (i.e. 560 ti or 6950 1gb) for around 250 and then the question is whether my 550 power supply is enough for one of those cards.

I figured upgrading the GPU would be the biggest upgrade for my gaming, but if you see anything else that would bottleneck performance let me know.

The goal is to play Skyrim, Guild Wars 2, and other future games on fairly high settings running on a 1920x1080 display.

Thanks for the help in advance!
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  1. Option A.
  2. Yes that is the power supply. Confirmed after opening the case and actually taking a look.
  3. A single 560 Ti or 6950 would run fine with your power supply. I would recommend getting one of those over crossfiring a 5770. Not only would a 560 Ti or 6950 be faster, you won't have to deal with micro-stuttering that would be preset in a 2x 5770 setup.

    Crysis Warhead, 5770 in CF:
    Crysis Warhead, 6950 and 560 Ti:

    Later on if you wanted to upgrade just get a new power supply and another 6950.
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