Staying with EVGA Z68 FTW, or get a new board?

I bought the EVGA Z68 FTW last year from Newegg and finally got around to testing it. The BIOS of this board is terrible but after many hours of tinkering I finally got the board to run stable in Windows 7. See my configuration below.

12-phase PWM Board -

i7-2600k, OC to 4.3GHz, idle temp @25C. full load temp @65C
G.Skils Ares 2133MHz @11-11-11-31-2T
Intel 335 240GB SSD
Video Card (TBD, tested with an MSI GT 610)
Seasonic X-1250 PSU
Monitor: Dell 30" 2560x1600 or Planar 27" 1920x1080. have 2 separate monitors. I can play on either one but not both.

I can OC the CPU to 4.3GHz (passed many loops of IntelBurn in and Prime95) but anything above it will blue screen, and the BIOS I have (A05) does not allow tinkering with VCore without the infinite reboot syndrome (must be on automatic). The other BIOS R16 won't even let me boot into Windows 7.

So, EVGA came out with a new BIOS R21 I think last week, and I will flash one of the three BIOS with it and see if I can push it some more.

The games that I have but not yet installed. They are a mix of CPU and GPU intensive.
Starcraft 2
Civilization 5

I know OC is not guaranteed but I pushed the same CPU to 4.6 with ease on an ECS board so I know it can go higer, and this EVGA board was made to be OC'ed. I plan to get at least an AMD 7950 or maybe 7970 for the included games as well. Not sure about crossfire yet.

So the question is, if the new EVGA BIOS is no good, should I get a new board to push the CPU? This board is really nice with the features and I got my rebate so it only costs me $65. Will I get additional performance boost from the games that I want to play?

Please advise. I checked out some Z77 boards on Newegg and the good ones are in the $150-$250 range.
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    If you want to do the OC for fun then get the other board for the OC your i7.

    Now on you can OC your i7 to 4.3GHz with EVGA Z68 FTW for the game, and I will not recommend to buy other board. because you will not get much more performance after OC your CPU over 4GHz. Here is one review, you can find more.

    But if you can find the very good deal and go ahead get the new Z77, because the new intel Z87 will come out soon.
  2. Yeah you read my mind. I want to do it just for the fun part. Thanks for the links. I did a bit research and found there is only minimal performance improvement for the 4.9 vs 4.3. Anyway, EVGA made this a moot point. It came through with an updated R22 BIOS and I flashed the board and now I can hit 4.6 with voltage at 1.38. But I am going to down clock to 4.3 and set it for Auto which is 1.3 and let it run.
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